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people with special needs

Talkii Supervisor App
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Digital Solution

Talkii is a digital solution for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), it allows for the development of language, as well as nurturing the growth of skills in communication. Thanks to Talkii, thousands of non-verbal people can express their needs through adapted symbols and becoming independent with the help of the daily planner.

Who is Talkii for?

Based on research data, Talkii is recognised as an AAC application that is adapted to all kinds of communication disorders. Talkii is suitable for ASD, aphasia, verbal apraxia, phonological disorders, lateral sclerosis, BMI, trisomy 21, muscle disorders, etc.

For parents & therapists

With a separate application, parents and therapists have full control over the children's devices. This interface acts as a supervisor. Talkii is entirely custom-made and can be adapted to the child's individual needs, keeping it simple for their use.

For aac users

To maximise the experience, the children's interface should be used on a tablet. This app is fully configured by the supervisor based on the users needs, simplifying it's use.




User Community

Multi Access

Talkii is all about certified AAC pictograms to facilitate communication.

The technology used for Talkii is unique by connecting the two interfaces and by combining a daily planner with expressive communication.

Talkii is available in 7 languages. Apart from English it also includes French, German, Luxemburgish, Portugese, Italian and Spanish.

Talkii is now available on Google Play.


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I think that it is really inspirational that young people have come up with an idea that could really make a difference to many families who deal with this very difficult condition.

Dr. Oluwafemi
Certified Autism Specialist
London, UK

I think it’s a wonderful idea that is making things easier for people with autism by developing an application that helps to communicate and to express themselves in their own manner, instead of having to memorise the sequence of the pictograms in their diary. I encourage you for this initiative that will make a lot of families happy!

S. Kohnen
Mother of 2 autistic kids

By using this tablet, a lot of time will be saved, as we no longer need to produce, cut or laminate the pictograms. My son will have his own communication hardware. This will allow him to be more independent and in the meantime will reassure us.

F. Gomes
Mother of a boy with a cognitive disorder

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