Talkii Update 3.0.0 - Patch Notes

Nov 06, 2021 | 2 min read


- Mixed categories and Talkiis. Categories can now contain both Talkiis and other categories
- New pictos: Talkii has now over 600 MS pictos



- Rounded corners for Talkiis
- Folder design for displaying categories, for better distinction with Talkiis



- Library concept reworked. The old library has been split into Library and My Talkiis. Favorites have been renamed to Actives.

- Library is now a static collection of uneditable and predefined Pictos, provided with the Talkii App. You can no longer make any changes to this library. You should copy all the Talkiis that you want to use to the My Talkiis folder and customize them from there.

- Library functionalities:

  • Adding single pictos or whole categories to a My Takiis category
  • Quickly adding pictos to My Talkiis, Actives, or timeline (visible in ‘Uncategorized’)
  • Search

- My Talkiis is your new personal Talkii library. This is the place where you prepare your Talkiis before showing them on the tablet.

- Added default Uncategorized folder category to My Talkiis. This folder category contains all the Talkiis that have been added from the Library or through Upload, without specifying a category. This folder category can not be deleted.

- My Talkiis functionalities:

  • Creating/copying/moving/deleting categories
  • Creating/copying/moving/deleting Talkiis
  • De-/activating single & multiple Talkiis
  • Adding and removing Talkiis to timeline
  • Adding events to event-timeline
  • Search & filter

- Actives folder serves the same purpose as the Favorites folder in previous versions: it contains all the Talkiis, that will be displayed on the tablet.

- Drag & drop functionality has been added inside the Actives folder. The tablet will mirror the order of Talkiis and categories that you define on the Supervisor.

- A Talkii File Manager has been added, for easy access to all My Talkii contents when organising your Talkiis.

- Added migration of uploaded pictos and pictos with voice recording.



- Settings window has been redesigned. We split it into 3 categories, in order to give you a better experience.




- Bigger back button

- Optimized layout for timeline section.

- Opimized for phone use


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