Talkii Update 3.0.2 - Patch Notes

Nov 16, 2021 | 1 min read



My Talkiis


- Added floating ‘Add’ button in bottom right corner. This will open a dialog for adding items to the current category. You can add:

  • categories
  • uploads
  • Talkiis from the Library or MyTalkiis


Detail views


- Simplified ‘view details’ of categories; removed adding Talkiis (now handled in MyTalkiis)


File Manager


- Removed unnecessary confirmation dialogs


Bug fix


- Activating next Event in EventTimeline before end time is now working again





- Fixed issue where same Talkii would be added to the sentence-builder multiple times. Talkiis can again be put into sentence-builder only once.

- Fixed a bug where the app stopped responding when clicking a Talkii with a voice upload while there was no internet connection.



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