Talkii Update 3.1.4 - Patch Notes - Frames

Apr 21, 2022 | 1 min read

Talkii Supervisor

- added settings menu for colored borders :

     a. to toggle borders for talkiis
     b. to toggle borders for categories
     c. to only display default borders (grey) for categories
     d. to choose between 3 sizes of borders

- added ColorPicker screen to choose a color for one or more borders (visualized by either one or more preview-cards)

- when activated (in settings), talkiis and/or categories can have their border colors changed individually in the expand menu

- when borders are activated, all the respective items in a list in MyTalkiis or Actives can simultaneaously have their border color changed via the ‘three-dots-menu’ in the top right

- changed selection indication in the Filemanager activities from blue border to checkmark to not conflict with the new borders-feature

- removed a limitiation where the user could not use the ‘delete current’ functionality in MyTalkiis and Actives when the current list had more than 500 items – now the user gets notified of the time-implications and then 500 items at a time can be deleted

- when creating a new profile, categories are now being shown by default

- minor bugfixes


Talkii Tab

- added support for colored borders around talkiis and categories



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