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I have questions about the acquisition.


I have technical questions and need help.


General questions about the Talkii App.

I have questions about the acquisition

Where can I download the app?

Talkii is available in the Google Play Store (LU, DE, FR, ...) and thus currently only available for Android devices.

Attention: There are 2 apps involved, namely 'Talkii' and 'Talkii Tab'. Registration is done via Talkii. Afterwards it is recommended to start both side by side.

Can I download the app from the Apple App Store?


Can I try Talkii out for free?

Yes, Talkii is free for 7 days.
After Google Play Store has verified your details, you can start the subscription for €0.00.

If you are not satisfied with Talkii, remember to cancel before the end of the 7 days. We welcome any feedback you may have.

How do I get a Talkii Package?

Send us an email at sales@talkii.com.
For additional questions you can also contact us by phone: Gianluca +352 621 224 662 / Alessio +325 124 227.

Is it possible to get Talkii reimbursed by the health insurance?

Long-term care insurance also comes into play, subject to certain conditions, if assistive technology including communication aids, are required.

However, it is imperative to submit an application to receive benefits in advance and to wait for approval from the  State Office for Assessment and Monitoring (Administration d'Évaluation et de Contrôle - AEC) of the long-term care insurance.

For further information, please contact the “Assistive Technology Helpline” from the AEC: 2478-6040.

How can I get Talkii delivered to my home?

We deliver worldwide.
For orders of 10 or more units, we will cover the shipping costs.
Otherwise, the shipping costs will be charged.

How and when can I cancel my subscription or trial?

You can view and cancel your subscriptions at any time in the Google Play Store.

I have technical questions and need help

Why are the changes not displayed on the tablet?

Solution 1
You may be using the wrong profile.
You can change the profile in the user profile menu of Talkii.
In Talkii Tab you can change the profile by pressing and holding the Talkii logo for 7 seconds.

Solution 2
Make sure that both the Talkii device and the Talkii Tab tablet have a stable internet connection to synchronise their data.

Solution 3
If the problem persists, clearing the cache may restore synchronisation between the two devices.
To clear the cache, open Settings Apps Talkii or Talkii Tab Memory Clear Data.

Is it possible to plan the activities in the timeline on a weekly basis?

A weekly planner is available in event mode. In classic mode, you can only set the activities daily.
The mode can be changed in the settings.

Is it possible to use the Talkii apps offline?

For optimal use, we recommend keeping both devices connected to the internet.
However, our pictograms can also be played offline on the Talkii Tab.
Modifications with the Supervisor App (Talkii) can be made offline. The changes are then synchronised when the connection is restored.

Is it possible to copy the settings from one profile to another?

No. At present, this function is not yet available.

How can I change the language of the pictograms?

The language of the pictograms can be selected in the settings in the Talkii app. The language of the synthetic voice is automatically adjusted as long as it is available on the device. Otherwise, you can download the desired synthetic voice in the settings of the device.

Why are the pictograms in a different language than the interface?

The interface of both apps uses the language of the device, while the pictograms have the language you have selected in the app.

Can you use both apps on the same device?

However, for optimal use, we recommend using Talkii on a smartphone and Talkii Tab on a tablet (10').

I would like to learn more about Talkii

Who is Talkii suitable for?

Talkii is suitable for autism spectrum disorder, aphasia, verbal apraxia, phonological disorders, lateral sclerosis, cerebral palsy, trisomy 21, muscular disorders and for many other types of communication barriers.

Is Talkii also suitable for school?

Yes, definitely!
It is advisable to create several profiles in the user menu. This way you can dedicate one of them to be used in school and set it up so that it is optimally adapted to the needs arising in school.

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