Talkii Phone Trio


Talkii comes loaded with features
that simplify the process for the user.

Library Icon


The library section allows the consultation and modification of a collection of pictograms according to the needs of the user.

Talkii Pictogram Library
Heart Icon
Talkii Select your Pictograms


Addition of the pictograms of your choice on the Talkii Tab user interface which will be grouped in your Favourites list.

Timeline Icon


A daily planner for the Talkii Tab user via calendar, specifying a time and a day on which the event or activity will take place.

Talkii Timeline for daily activities.
Categories Icon
Talkii Pictogram Categories


Creation of your own categories and subcategories and import of the pictograms or pictures of your choice.

Voice Icon


Each pictogram has an artificial voice by default. You can replace the artificial voice by making a recording of your own voice.

Talkii Voice
Talkii Tab Organize your Categories
Categories Icon


Communicaton through categories and custom-made communication boards.

Voice Icon


Communicate through an artificial voice or personal voice, while displaying pictograms in fullscreen mode.

Talkii Tab Full Screen
Talkii Tab Categories
Communication Icon


Build sentences to communicate efficiently.

Timeline Icon


Communicate through a personalized weekly planner.

Talkii Tab Weekly and Daily Planner
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